Why the Geneva Bible?

The version chosen for this site and for the audio files that accompany the readings are all from the Geneva Bible of 1599. You can follow along using your own favorite version. The Geneva Bible has many commentaries embedded so you may wish to purchase one or follow along online on one of many sites that have it, such as www.biblestudytools.com or www.biblegateway.com whose links are used for the reading and listening each day.

The Geneva Bible was chosen after a series of “coincidences” led to the discovery of our national monument in Plymouth, Massachusetts the Matrix of Liberty and my own genealogy related to the Separatists, often referred to as Pilgrims, that came to America on the Mayflower in 1620 bringing this Bible with them.

National Monument to the Forefathers, Plymouth, MA
Click to read about my visit to the monument and God’s answer to prayer there in my Horizon Ministries blog.

May you be blessed as you read God’s Word and may you behold marvelous things as you read (PSALM119:18).

For more information about the Pilgrim’s use of the 1599 Geneva Bible, the documentary Monumental can be viewed on Amazon Prime or Netflix for free at present. You may wish to purchase the DVD. To learn more about our nations founders please visit Kirk Cameron’s website of the movie.

Note that this movie is available for purchase at Amazon through our ministry and may also be watched occasionally through TBN. (see the link for next showing)

Click here for a link on information and research about the Geneva Bible, history of the Bible in English and in America.
Click here for a comprehensive analysis by Tyndale Publishers on the validity of the Geneva Bible


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