God’s Word, we call the Bible or Tanakh, was first spoken as the ten commandments by the voice of God from Mount Sinai to the children of Israel. God spoke the Torah, or teachings in Hebrew, to the elders of Israel directly (EXODUS 24), then commissioned Moses to write down His words. We often call His Words the Law, because they offer guidelines for every part of life. Israel has endeavored to live by those guidelines for millennia, they have often failed miserably yet continue to uphold God’s Word as divine and have preserved it for all nations to embrace as God has commissioned them to be the light of the world.

The glory of God, Shekhinah–the dwelling or settling of the Divine Presence of God. It is a weighty, wonderful energy that en-wraps and fills those who would seek Him as the Hebrew word כבוד, kavod implies. It is also an overwhelming weightiness of judgement to those who are opposed to Him. Scriptures tell us that He watches over His Word to perform it, or bring it all to pass (JEREMIAH 1:12). Watching, in this sense, implies that he hovers over it similar to Genesis where the Spirit hovered over the face of the deep, in preparation of birthing of life.  His presence inhabits his Word as we read it endeavoring to hide it in our hearts and make it a part of us.

Moses is the man who, more than anyone in history, spent time in God’s presence. He spent so much time with God that his face shone with God’s glory, Exodus 34:29-36. Moses had to put a veil on his face because the children of Israel could not bear to look at the glory shining from him. Moses first asked to see God’s face while he was on top of Mount Sinai. God continued to answer that request for forty years of the wanderings of Israel prior to their entry into the promised land. There is one man who had the privilege of seeing the unveiled face and encounter the presence of God more than any others during that time. It wasn’t Aaron, as some might expect because of his position as High Priest for the nation of Israel. It was Joshua, who stayed most of his time in the tabernacle, or tent where God met Moses, whenever Moses went out among the people. Joshua had the privilege of abiding in the presence of God for those forty years while Moses was receiving the Word directly from the Lord and writing the Torah.

We can enjoy that presence as Joshua did as we read God’s Word, preserved and protected through the last 3000 years so that you and I can receive all the benefits of knowing it and the one who is the Word of God.

And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.  JOHN 1:1

This site will assist you in reading through God’s entire Word in one year. It is a unique plan laid out to correspond with the Torah readings that Jews around the world practice each Shabbat. The Torah encompasses only the first five books of Moses, those readings occur on Saturdays with special readings on the appointed days of Jewish Feasts. In between those days the plan guides you in reading all the remaining scriptures in a one year period. The time it takes to read the entire Bible is only 72 hours. That means that you can read the entire Bible in a year in only 15-20 minutes a day. This plan features heavier reading on the Shabbat, or Saturday, in accord with the Jewish tradition. Even so the readings should only consume approximately 45 minutes maximum.

May you not only see, but be filled with God’s glory as you seek to make the Word a vital part of your life.


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  1. I’m excited for my family to participate! Thank you for putting all of this together, Ruth. I pray that many people will be blessed and lives will be changed as they commit to reading the entire Word of God in this very pivotal year. Bless you!

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