5776 Bible Reading Calendar Available

We have completed the first year (5775) of this Bible Reading plan with the Feast of Tabernacles celebration of Simchat Torah – celebrating the Giving of the Torah — The Teachings of God given to Moses.   The next year begins Saturday 10/10/2015 with Genesis 1:1.

Take the next few days to reflect on your journey  thus far and new expectations for your efforts in discovering reading the entire Bible through following the Hebrew Calendar and Jewish Torah readings for Shabbat and Biblical holidays. Prepare your heart to hear from God and seek to experience His glory revealed through his Word. With the world falling to increasing chaos, being focused on God’s Word and His time table is an essential key to your peace and the stability of your faith. Join the many who will follow this journey together listening for the heart of God revealed each day through His Word, the Bible.

5776 Bible Reading Plan


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